Kevin Young
Kevin Young Caption of First Place Comic Division
As a Philly guy, the traditions & shenanigans that I have experienced for New Year’s are a part of me that I’ll never ever let go. Philadelphia, known for cheesesteaks and pretzels, also has another great tradition….. PARADES!!! From one of the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades to the oldest and largest folk parade, The Mummers made their first organized strut on January 1, 1901 and since then, the comics, wenches, string bands, and fancies have entertained the historic, inebriated & hungover for years.

This week, I get to speak with Kevin Young, a friend, a teacher, and the captain of this year’s first place Comic Division for the 2018 Sugar House Casino Mummers’ Day Parade. Kevin is a guy with a mission to make things great and to let the world (or at least his neighbors) know that the “2 Street Stompers” are here for good!

As a captain, Kevin is involved in so many aspects of the planning for the Parade. We talk about all of that plus the history and tradition that is the Philly Mummers’ Parade!

Chef Veronica Wheat & Alex Bowen
Chef Veronica Wheat & Alex BowenChef
HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s time for resolutions… wait, strike that, it’s time for goals!! This week, Chef Brian Duffy talks about his New Years goals and even a few tips about achieving. This makes it a perfect time for a quick chat with Chef Veronica Wheat from ChefV Organic Cleanse. It’s a new year so you may as well do a little detox and clean out that body! We’re talking about health, diets & sleeping. The discussion gets pretty real!!!!

Then, imagine walking into a Waffle House at 3am and not seeing any staff. No servers. No cooks. No one. What do you do? SCREW IT! Cook it up yourself! Alex Bowen from South Carolina had this exact thing happen and we get to chat about it. He’s a trip!

Chef Jim Sullivan
Chef Jim SullivanChef
This week, Chef Brian Duffy chats with Chef Jim Sullivan. Jim is a chef and food photographer based out of San Diego. The conversation is fast paced and touches on everything from cocktails, chefs and food, the different areas that the hospitality industry has taken them, and never realizing that this is what they would be doing when they first started. The guys have a long conversation about their odd meeting in Tijuana, the state of that city, the amazing things that are happening in Mexico, as well as the food scene that is creeping up and down both coasts.

Also, Chef Duffy rants about bar and restaurant consulting, how he is NOT trying to take a chef’s job when he gets involved, and how he is NOT trying to steal the chef’s recipes. He then talks about the new TV show, Bar Crashers, that he and friend/Bar Rescue alum Michael Tipps have created as well as the airing at The Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas in March, 2018.

Chef Robert Irvine
Chef Robert IrvineChef
Warren Bobrow
Warren BobrowThe Cocktail Whisperer
It’s a WEEK OF WEED! OK…not really… but Chef Brian Duffy has an in depth conversation with Warren Bobrow, author of “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics.”

This week’s episode dives into everything from smoking to infusing and creating, discussing the politics behind the movement, and how it’s now being incorporated into mainstream society.

Warren, also known as “the Cocktail Whisperer,” is a fascinating guy who started in the finance and banking industry, is a trained Chef, and now his main focus is the creation of classic and creative cocktails all over the world.

Christine Hazel
Christine HazelEntrepreneur, Philanthropist, Actor, and Philadelphia Native
This week, Chef Brian Duffy chats with his friend, Christine Hazel. You might know her from Season 14 of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” where she honed her craft and survived for 11 episodes. This experience raised her confidence and opened her mind creatively and now she’s known for her inventive cuisine that puts modern twists on classic French and American dishes.

Currently, she is a Private Chef and Consultant who focuses on pop-up dining. She’s also a culinary writer for Parle Magazine in New York City and Totally Driven Entertainment.

She is extremely passionate about fresh and innovative cuisine. Chef Hazel is very active in the community and has been doing events for the Kiehl’s Life Ride for AMFAR (AIDS Awareness), Autism Speaks, PA Horticultural Society, Mums for Mutts (Philadelphia Animal Rescues), The United Way, Best of Style Philly, Philadelphia Moguls in Media (Women in Media), Taste of Philadelphia, Taste of Quarter (Tropicana Atlantic City) the Palisades Chef Tour and the Farm to Fork Series in Virginia.

Chef Eddie G
Chef Eddie GChef
This week, Chef Brian Duffy chats with Chef Eddie G, a buddy and fellow traveler! Discussions about food shows, strange situations around the globe and the love of the industry. Between the two of them, they spend more time on stages and planes than they do in one location!
Philly’s own Tony Luke Jr.
Philly’s own Tony Luke Jr.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Actor, and Philadelphia Native
This week, Chef has one of the most important conversations he’s had in a long time and it’s with one of his closest friends, Tony Luke Jr. Tony, the CEO of the legendary Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks, is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, actor, and Philadelphia native. The guys discusses his life, career, the success of Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks brand, his tough upbringing, the loss of his son to an opioid addiction earlier this year, and the mission he’s been given to raise awareness. Be prepared and make sure to communicate #BrownandWhite

This is a very powerful episode of Duffified Live. Hopefully, it opens up the lines of communication with your loved ones.

Monika Madison
Monika MadisonRadio Talk Show Host
This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy talks about his love for Uber, a bad taste about Thanksgiving, having a great trip to Kansas and chats with Monika Madison of 102.5 The Bone in Tampa.
Erika Trenck
Erika TrenckProfessional Poker Player
This week, Chef Brian Duffy opens the show talking about some kitchen and restaurant war stories as only he can. He shares his experiences and gives some great advice to all of those in the service industry.

Then, he is joined by professional poker player Erika Trenck. The Las Vegas resident talks about her insane Twitter experiences, her time at the poker table, Phil Ivey, and her experience during the Las Vegas shooting.

Amy Polinsky
Amy PolinskyOwner
Chef chats about how grateful he is for his friends, family, and relationships and FINALLY gets to chat with Amy Polinsky of Basil Rose Boutique in Connecticut.

She’s a badass mom of three, a wife, an entrepreneur, and just an all around super cool chick!

James Cullen Bressack
James Cullen BressackWriter/Director/Producer
James Cullen Bressack exploded on the horror at the young age of 18 with “My Pure Joy,” his first feature film. He’s been called “Horror’s New Hope” and “a talent to watch for” and has won several awards for “Best Picture” and “Best Director” on the movie festival circuit.

This week, Chef chats with James about his career, how he got his start, the process of being a Hollywood producer, director, film maker, and what’s coming up next for the young acclaimed filmmaker.

Dan & Laura Dotson of A&E’s “Storage Wars”
Dan & Laura Dotson of A&E’s “Storage Wars”Auctioneers
Chef Brian Duffy chats with the stars of “Storage Wars” on A&E, auctioneers Dan & Laura Dotson. They chat about the history of auctions, how they became auctioneers, their own auction website (, and dish on some of the behind the scenes shenanigans of one of A&E‘s biggest reality shows!
Farmer Lee Jones
Farmer Lee JonesFarmer
It’s a phenomenal conversation about clean food, responsible chefs, and the life of a farmer!
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Stretch Rumaner
Stretch RumanerChef, artist, sculpter, and more!
It’s a loud and “tell all” conversation with Stretch Rumaner, a Chef, artist, sculpter, traveler, restaurateur, and all around funny dude! Stretch has a way with a story and a world that is all about art, Jack Daniels, and experiences.
DJ Aktive
DJ AktivePhilly DJ
Chef chats about his week in Byron, IL and his work with his clients at the Aero Ale House. The people and the food there is just out of this world. Chef talks about the struggle and all the pain going on in Houston right now.
E.J. Snyder
E.J. SnyderTV’s “Naked & Afraid”
This week, it’s a chat with E.J. Snyder, a man, a highly decorated soldier from the US Army, and a highly recognizable face known throughout the survivalist community for his time on “Naked & Afraid.”
Chordale Booker
Chordale BookerBoxer
Chef has a very inspirational chat with the champ Chordale Booker. He was a 2015 Golden Glove winner and an all around great dude. A tough start in life led him to a crossroad where he chose the path that not many would take…..the path that wasn’t easy but he owed it to his family, himself, and especially his mother to make her proud.
Leenda Lucia
Leenda LuciaModel
Chef Brian Duffy has an AWESOME chat with model & spokesperson Leenda Lucia about the world she lives in, dating, traveling, being a personality, and all that comes with it.
G. Love
G. LoveG. Love & Special Sauce
Chef chats with Philly native rocker and hip hop legend, G. Love! It’s a great conversation about the beginning, the roots of his music, travel, and creativity processes. G. Love is a quality dude with a great sound and a great vibe!
James Breakwell
James BreakwellTwitter Comedian and Dad
Chef Brian Duffy talks with Twitter Comedian and Dad James Breakwell about his near million followers and his new book “Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.” They chat about being a dad, being a dad of girls, being in the public eye, and how he has moved into that roll!
JB Frank
JB FrankKingdom Come bass player
This week, Chef chats with legendary bass player JB Frank from the band, Kingdom Come! It’s a very candid conversation about travel, spirituality, conspiracy, and drug use!
Terry French
Terry FrenchExtreme Chef
Chef Duffy has a long chat with extreme chef Terry french, an old school classic guy! Chef French loves his roots from start to finish, including Chinese apprenticeships and the military. Chef Terry French is a badass in the kitchen and he’ll will tell you all about it!
Brian Duffy
Brian Duffy
This week, Chef chats about a great week in The Outer Banks with his family and does a “current events” episode of sorts. He touches on everything from chef’s sanitation to the recent Chipotle tweet with Josh Williams, who wants everything in separate containers.
Roberta Pepito
Roberta PepitoHomemade Delish
Chef is joined by Roberta Pepito, founder of the “Homemade Delish” brand. She is a chef, a wife, a mom, an author, and a TV personality! She is often called “Philadelphia’s Rachael Ray.” Chef talks about the rise of her Homemade Delish brand and how it has impacted her life!
Megan Jean Morris
Megan Jean MorrisInk Masters
This week, Chef talks millennial and hipster employees as well as stifling personalities. Then, the fun begins. Chef gets down and inky with his special guest, Ms. Megan Jean Morris.
Josh Denny
Josh Denny“Ginormous Food” Host
This week, B-Duff talks about the importance of being present in your business. He recently had a jackass GM who went to jail and then hired a GM with the inability to execute! Adios Muchacho!!!!
Chef Akhtar Nawab
Chef Akhtar NawabChef
Chef gets a little heated about the article out of the Washington Post about the white chefs taking over international cuisines. OK….maybe a “little heated” don’t give it enough justice.
Loud & Proud
Loud & ProudKathy Suzewits, Monica, & Ian Beckles
What happens when you put Chef Brian Duffy and two friends in the backyard of a former NFL offensive lineman who also happens to be a radio personality?

Insanity. That’s what happens. Pure…..unadulterated…..insanity.

Chef Keith Breedlove
Chef Keith BreedloveCulinerdy Cruzer
Keith has done a little bit of everything. He’s been featured on TV’s “Bar Rescue,” “Cutthroat Kitchen,” “Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown,” and “Guy’s Big Backyard Bite,” as well as being the Corporate Executive Chef for Tex Wasabi’s and Johnny Garlic’s, which are both owned by Guy Fieri. He’s also been the Executive Chef for the Hilton Hotel chain.
Brice Cooper
Brice CooperHGTV’s “Design On A Dime”
Chef Duffy also chats for a “brief” 90 minute conversation with Brice Cooper, host of HGTV’s “Design On A Dime.” He’s a world traveled branding expert, interior designer, chicken owning, Harley riding, mechanically sound, GREAT dude.
Jesse Kage
Jesse KageRadio Personality
Keith, drafted 30th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans, was a middle linebacker for the team for ten years and finished his career with the New York Giants. After spending his first two seasons as a backup and special teamer, he became a starter in 2002, made a Pro Bowl in 2003, led the NFL in tackles with 152 in 2004, and led the Titans in tackles five times.
Jesse Kage
Jesse KageRadio Personality
If you don’t know who Jesse is, you’re in for a treat because this guy’s attitude is infectious. He and Chef Duffy talk strip clubs, the peaks and valleys of the radio business, the service and hospitality industry, rock music, and so much more.
Melissa Pfeister
Melissa PfeisterNaked Feast
This week, Chef Duffy chats with Melissa Pfeister, the Gluten free goddess! Melissa owns Naked Feast and has products in Whole Foods as well as other all natural stores.
Chef Kayla Robison
Chef Kayla RobisonNation Kitchen & Bar
Chef Brian Duffy had the pleasure of working side by side with Chef Kayla Robison of Nation Kitchen & Bar in Cincinnati, OH during The Nightclub & Bar Show at the Food & Beverage Innovation Center, the first of its kind for this event.
Chef Pete Blohme
Chef Pete Blohme(aka “Panini Pete)
Chef also interviews his longtime friend & fellow Chef Pete Blohme, aka “Panini Pete.” He’s owned Panini Pete’s Cafe & Coffeehouse in Fairhope, AL for over 11 years and has been repeatedly featured on The Food Network.
Kyle Marcoux
Kyle Marcoux“The Vulgar Chef”
Chef has been traveling all week between 70 degree Tampa to open the new Features Gastropub, 19 degree Philly for the weekend, and Ft. Myers for his annual St. Patrick’s Day appearance at The City Tavern.
Chef Kevin Des Chenes
Chef Kevin Des ChenesTop Celebrity Chef Showdown
Chef is chatting with Chef Kevin Des Chenes from Boston. If you don’t know who he is, he was the 2015 winner of “Top Celebrity Chef Showdown” and been featured with Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay.
Sally Marie Young
Sally Marie
Chef Brian Duffy is doing something a little bit different this week as he gets a little spiritual with his Spiritual Advisor and Soul Stylist, Sally Marie Young of!
Chef Nick Liberato
Chef Nick LiberatoBar Rescue
Chef Brian Duffy talks about his short yet crazy stay in Orlando, FL last week and he shares a conversation he had between his friend Rhonda, who is a huge “Batman” fan, and their Uber driver, who coincidentally was named Bruce Wayne.
Chef Chad Rosenthal
Chef Chad RosenthalThe Food Network
Chef Brian Duffy talks about his travels over the last few weeks to both Tampa and Grand Rapids, his new tattoo that he got while in Florida, and then he digs into his Philly roots by chatting with Chef Chad Rosenthal.
Michael Tipps
Michael TippsMixologist
In his debut episode of “Duffified Live,” Chef Brian Duffy, known for his appearances on “Bar Rescue” and NBC’s “The Today Show,” welcomes you into his crazy, insane world of food, shenanigans, and debauchery!

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