Chef Adam Hegsted Adam Hegsted, the man behind the Eat Good Group and Crave Northwest, and I talk about the current situation in the Pacific Northwest, how he and his staff of TWELVE CONCEPTS are handling this, and what he foresees for the future of restaurants. I’ve been a

Chef Brian Malarkey Chef Brian Malarkey! The outspoken chef has been showcasing his culinary talents up and down the West Coast for a few years before settling in the San Diego/Orange County area! His latest venture, Animae, is an interpretation of Pan Asian American cuisine that is inspired by

Chefs Jen Carroll & Billy Riddle Well…she doesn’t live in Philly anymore but I got the bonus of having her partner in crime on as well! Victory! Chefs Jen Carroll & Billy Riddle are a great chat! I loved talking to them about how they share a kitchen, a

Chef Mike Fucci Of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen Fuggeddaboutit! Chef Mike Fucci’s claim to fame was being named Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen champion in 2017 but his story doesn’t start there. This guy started in the kitchen when he was 13 years old with his Uncle Mike, who taught’s Nick Solares The man, meat man, meat life, meat great dude, super smart & glad to say a friend. He’s back and this is an all-out chat about NYC during this whole process & what’s going on with his dining habits & the conversation goes into sous vide

Chef Ryan Peters of Pittsburgh’s Iron Born Pizza Chef Ryan Peters knew it at age two. He knew he wanted to be a chef at that age! Since then, he’s traveled to and from Key Largo and Pittsburgh. Two very odd cities, two very different cities, but two cities

Financial Guru Sean McGovern This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy sits down and chats with financial adviser, guru, and friend, Sean McGovern. They discuss some of the financial packages available for restaurants and small businesses, express loans and grants, the stimulus package, and how your business should

Chef Amanda Freitag of TV’s “Chopped” Chef Amanda Freitag is a seasoned chef with 25 years under her belt and knowledge amassed through a series of wise career choices that included long term stints at spots such as Vong, New York, Verbena, under chef Diane Forley. After Verbena, Freitag

The Coronavirus & The Restaurant Industry With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic being nowhere near it’s end, the economy is taking a major hit. Arguably, no industry will be hit harder that the bar, restaurant, and service industries. Today on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy explains to you why that’s

Rick Steele of SelectBlinds An encounter in Long Beach, CA brought Chef Brian Duffy and Rick Steele together for what would be a friendship that has been around for the last 8 years. Rick Steele is a self-made man of many things. He is an American entrepreneur and Founder

Chef Nick Liberato Returns! My dear friend Chef Nick Liberato is back from his travels all over the world and is back here with us to discuss his new Netflix show called, “Restaurants On The Edge.” The show debuts on Friday, February 28th, 2020! On his new show, Chef Liberato travels

Hope Cohen Hope Cohen is a woman whose passion turned into a career and a full-blown educational experience. Loving food and creating dishes and experiences don’t always come together for most but for Hope, it sure did. She’s a Philly native, a mom, a home chef, an author, a

Chef Kevin Des Chenes Returns! Chef Kevin Des Chenes is known for his multiple TV appearances on Food Network and almost every other network there is! Kev D and Chef Brian Duffy talk about the last few weeks on the road during the festival season. Between Mohegan Sun and Ilani

Private Celebrity Chef Manouschka Guerrier Chef Manouschka Guerrier is a bright vibrant force and constant source of energy! This celebrity personal chef has a lot to say. Our conversation goes from her seven month journey across the country in an RV, a fire, some amazing meals, and a rekindling of