Nick Solares

Nick Solares The Meat Life Let’s talk MEAT…….and some restaurant stuff. This conversation with Nick Solares is like having a conversation with a master [...]

Compeat’s Kristi Turner

Kristi Turner CMO of Compeat This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy is joined by Kristi Turner, CMO of Compeat, a restaurant [...]

The Vesper Brothers

The Vesper Brothers Vesper Bros. Foods Coming from southwest Philadelphia, John and Bill Vesper are Italian twins whose father opened a deli. They [...]

Actress Perri Lauren

Perri Lauren Actress 5’1″, bright red hair, suffered a bit with some pretty hardcore depression. Whaddya do? Become an actress and become a [...]

Denver Mixologist Dylan Holcomb

Dylan Holcomb Denver Mixologist I love a bartender! Who doesn’t?! I love their job. I love their attitude. I love their knowledge. Dylan Holcomb is [...]

Former Eagles WR Draft Pick Freddie Mitchell

Freddie Mitchell Former Eagles WR Draft Pick 4th and 26. Anybody who lives in Philly knows what 4th and 26 means and all other sports [...]

The Best Way To Handle A Poor Restaurant Experience

The Best Way To Handle A Poor Restaurant Experience Stop bitching and complaining to an online “evaluation” site. Please. Just stop. Here’s what [...]

Competitive Eater Moe Train

Moe Train Competitive Eater Hungry? What do you think about eating 350 wings? What do you think about eating them in front of [...]

TV & Celebrity Chef David Rose

David Rose TV & Celebrity Chef Chef David Rose and his biceps seem to be all over the place these days and I love [...]

Raleigh Sadler of LMPGNetwork.org

Raleigh Sadler of LMPGNetwork.org *Just a little warning about this week’s show: It gets very heavy at times and may cause some triggers. [...]

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