Culinary Producer JoAnn Cianciulli I walked on set for my first episode of Bar Rescue and was greeted by an intense smiling face. Little did I know, twelve years later, she would not only be an integral part of my business but also a friend. JoAnn Cianciulli, a native

Chef Andrae Bopp Another meeting in the fields of Washington has created yet another friendship. Chef Brian Duffy and Chef Andrae Bopp have some long chats and talk about how they made the decision to keep the feet in the door of this industry, the trials, and pure insanity

Chef Rocco Whalen Chef Rocco Whalen, if nothing else, is wrapped up in the love of cooking: the idea and vitality of it, the doing of it, the invention and sustainability of it, the day to day enrichment of it, and ultimately and significantly, the memory of learning all

Jennifer McKinnon This chick is a badass superhero warrior and she’s also my friend. Jennifer is a strong woman, wife, mom of twins, entrepreneur, survivor, and a Cystic Fibrosis patient. Forty years ago, the doctors told her adoring parents to “take her home and enjoy her for as long

Chef & TV Host Jess Pryles Jess Pryles is an Australian chef, television show host of Aussie Barbecue Heroes, and a live fire cook. She co-founded the Australasian Barbecue Alliance and is also the author of the book, “Hardcore Carnivore.” Born in Australia and now living in Austin, TX., Jess

Rose Lawrence Rose Lawrence is a huge ball of energy and happiness on a mission to serve REAL food. She is the owner and fermenter behind Red Bread, a social justice organic kitchen offering farm to table food and baked goods with ingredients from sustainable organic farms. She also teaches a

Chef Monti Carlo I think Chef Monti Carlo is my new favorite person! We met at a food festival in Washington state and became friends pretty quick. We had a few great convos and I knew I immediately wanted to have her on the show. It’s spectacular to me

Amy Polinsky Returns! Amy Polinsky, the tattooed mama from Pittsburgh, is back on Duffified Live to discuss her changes in life and what she’s doing now. A big change in her life has transplanted this strong mom of three back to her hometown and has been given an opportunity

Bob Deck of Cincinnati’s 4EG Four buddies get together to open a bar and 20 years later, they own 18 bars and restaurants in Cincinnati and have transformed the food and beer scene there forever. I had the pleasure of working with the boys from 4EG on a few

Chef Maneet Chauhan Chef Maneet Chauhan!! I have been stoked to talk to her for a while. I met Maneet a year ago & had the ability to see her live & do a demo that held the audience like I’ve seen very few be able to do. Her

Remembering Chef Carl Ruiz Its a sad week for most of us in the culinary world & even in the world of social media… a friend has passed away & it happened at a very young age, 44 to be exact. Chef Carl Ruiz, a dude that I got to

Russell Davis Chef Brian Duffy is joined by one of the bartenders he appeared on Bar Rescue with, Russell Davis. Brian find out what Russell has been doing, which includes a crazy story about Russell’s trip to Costa Rica. GO LISTEN

Jen Royle Owner of Table in Boston Jen Royle! She’s loud. She’s outspoken. She’s opinionated. She’s from Boston. More importantly, she also happens to be my friend. This sportscaster turned chef has a huge discussion about where she’s from and where she’s heading, how she got her lucky break to

Mrs. Pennsylvania America 2019 Rebecca West Hensinger I am so stoked to chat with Rebecca West Hensinger, a Pennsylvania native who has transformed her love for education and changing lives and turned it into a platform for her 2020 run for Mrs. America! Rebecca West Hensinger is Mrs. Pennsylvania America 2019. She

Nick Solares The Meat Life Let’s talk MEAT…….and some restaurant stuff. This conversation with Nick Solares is like having a conversation with a master of their domain. Nick is an Englishman in NYC with a doctorate in the art of meat. We talk about everything from eating to experiencing the multitude that

Kristi Turner CMO of Compeat This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy is joined by Kristi Turner, CMO of Compeat, a restaurant software that wraps everything needed for running a successful shift into one program that is held in her hand. Kristi began her career at a regional advertising agency