The Vesper Brothers Vesper Bros. Foods Coming from southwest Philadelphia, John and Bill Vesper are Italian twins whose father opened a deli. They grew up in the family business but wanted to take it to the next level. The entrepreneurial spirit takes over and they open two more delis. Then, they

Perri Lauren Actress 5’1″, bright red hair, suffered a bit with some pretty hardcore depression. Whaddya do? Become an actress and become a Spartan racer. That’s exactly what Perri Lauren has done. She has taken the groundwork laid by her mother and the supportive guidance of her father, Perri has done all of

Dylan Holcomb Denver Mixologist I love a bartender! Who doesn’t?! I love their job. I love their attitude. I love their knowledge. Dylan Holcomb is a true bartender. He is everything you want in a great bartender: a sense of humor, knowledge, informative, and he’s personable. Dylan is that dude! He has worked from

Freddie Mitchell Former Eagles WR Draft Pick 4th and 26. Anybody who lives in Philly knows what 4th and 26 means and all other sports fans outside of Philadelphia know the name Freddie Mitchell for his dislike of Donovan McNabb and his hardcore attitude regarding the NFL. Freddie and Chef Brian Duffy sat for a bit to chat

The Best Way To Handle A Poor Restaurant Experience Stop bitching and complaining to an online “evaluation” site. Please. Just stop. Here’s what you don’t realize…. apps like Yelp are a pay to play sites, which means for restaurants to see true reviews in real time, they need to PAY to

Moe Train Competitive Eater Hungry? What do you think about eating 350 wings? What do you think about eating them in front of 20k screaming drunk Philly Peeps? Today, we chat with Monty Wiradilaga, better known as competitive eater “Moe Train.” He’s a Philly native who has made a mark on the competitive

David Rose TV & Celebrity Chef Chef David Rose and his biceps seem to be all over the place these days and I love seeing it. I am a fan of watching great people do fun things. David is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and the Four Seasons Atlanta. He’s a

Raleigh Sadler of *Just a little warning about this week’s show: It gets very heavy at times and may cause some triggers. Don’t want anyone to be blind sided.* Did you know that 45.8 million people are exploited globally through human trafficking? It’s a 150 BILLION dollar business. These numbers

Jacqueline Mangione "The Plate Princess" Jacquelyn Mangione, aka “The Plate Princess,” and Chef Brian Duffy have been friends for about four years and it was a chance chat in the middle of a food show that brought these two like minded people together! Jacquelyn is an avid traveler and eater with

Clay Cocalis Foreman of the Lorena Bobbitt Trial Remember those really weird crimes and experiences we all saw growing up? Things like the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding, the fall of the Berlin Wall, President Ronald Reagan getting shot, the OJ Simpson case, Lorena Bobbitt chopping off her husband’s penis and chucking

Tori Lubecki Former Aerialist of Cirque du Soleil Dinner with ten chefs, all good friends, no shortage of personalities, a group of very dynamic individuals all sitting down for a meal of Mongolian hot pot when a five foot tall energy force walks through the door. Tori Lubecki, introduced to me

The Mystery Of Duffy’s Cut Irish Style Red Ale A few years ago, my father told me the story of “Duffy’s Cut,” a wild tale of corruption, hidden documents, murder, and the blatant mistreatment of the Irish and what it was like in the 1830s. My father was an avid reader and

Fabio Viviani Restaurateur & Chef Chef Brian Duffy and Chef Fabio Viviani! Here we go, folks! These two are on a mission to change the hospitality scene and what goes on behind the scenes. They talk about everything from growing up in the business to creating the perfect working environment, plus a few

Erick Castro "The Hungry Bartender" This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy chats with “The Hungry Bartender,” Erick Castro. These guys have been friends for a few years and Chef Duffy has been running in and out of Erick’s places in San Diego for the last two years. This is a great conversation where

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