The Best Way To Handle A Poor Restaurant Experience

The Best Way To Handle A Poor Restaurant Experience

Stop bitching and complaining to an online “evaluation” site. Please. Just stop. Here’s what you don’t realize…. apps like Yelp are a pay to play sites, which means for restaurants to see true reviews in real time, they need to PAY to be on there.

What does that mean to you? You can complain all you want on a social media site but as operators, we don’t take these reviews as real or seriously. We now have to do damage control, have to find out if we can delete it, and reply to you or else you complain that we “don’t care about the business or that we don’t care about the guest” or we reply and get told we’re “being defensive.”

I have a better solution. Take five minutes and email an owner or a manager. Better yet, write us a letter. If we see that you’re taking the time to send a genuine concern, that’s something we can reply to and handle accordingly.

So… do I really feel? #FuckYelp