Michele Ragussis
Michele RagussisChef of “Food Network Star”
Chef Michele Ragussis of “Food Network Star” and Chef Brian Duffy met for the first time at the Mohegan Sun Wine & Food Festival where they became instant friends. Both chefs came up through the system of hard knock chefs, rough long days in the kitchen, and long nights out trying to have a social life. Chef Ragussis has since decided to take a step back to focus on herself, her life, and her health.

This conversation walks through Michele’s history as a chef and where she began all the way to her time on Food Network Star. An avid traveler and lover of all things food, it brought her to Providence, where she was the Executive Chef for the Central House, which is also where her tenure as a day to day chef brought her to the realization that she wanted to pursue more of a life for herself. Leaving the helm of a kitchen to purchase a house in the Hudson Valley of New York, private cheffing, and making some badass cutting boards. Michele is also working with Mary Stuart Masterson (Superhottie “Watts” form one of CBD’s favorite 80’s movies Some Kind of Wonderful).

Heidi Heaslet
Heidi HeasletActress/Comic
Actress, comedienne, ginger, host, and badass. Yup. That’s what I said. Heidi Heaslet is a badass! I had a great conversation with this Cali girl who has worked her butt off to make a name for herself in a crazy industry.

Heidi and Chef Brian Duffy discuss her newest series on E! called “The Funny Dance Show,” produced by the duo at ugly Bro Studios (I know a little about those guys…..they are my brothers), her career, her new apartment that has a full kitchen, and even some things that she needs to have in the kitchen. We also get into the spirituality of being nice to people and working hard as well as a few quick chats about bourbon, whiskey, and the occasional Jack and Coke.

She’s a Los Angeles-based actress and comic who was series regular on DirectTV’s “#Millennials”, a comedic personality on the platform “All Def Digital,” and recently appeared in the feature film “Big Bear” on Netflix.

In 2019, be on the lookout for “The Funny Dance Show” coming to the E! Network, where she is an executive producer and show host.

Casey Webb
Casey Webb“Man v. Food” Host
I love an iconic show and something that stands up to the test of time. Casey Webb has taken on the iconic role as the host for Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food.” You know the concept: Check out three spots around the country. Then, at the last one, he takes the challenge. Will he do it? Will he finish the old 96er? Can he eat that six pound burrito? Well, we don’t really get into all of that but we do discuss the Man of “Man v. Food.”

He is a Jersey guy who is true East Coast, love of family, food, and an experience. We could have talked all day if his manager didn’t cut our bro-fest short! This is a great episode of two guys talking about great food cities, great experiences, Harley Davidson rides, and meeting amazing people on the road.

Casey Webb is a food lover, actor and restaurant business veteran. Since the age of 15, Webb has worked in kitchens, tended bar, and managed restaurants on the Jersey Shore. Beginning in August 2017, his culinary interests will lead him on his greatest adventure yet — a role as the new host of popular Travel Channel series, “Man v. Food.” Network fans will see Webb take on legendary eating challenges and continue the quest to find America’s most delicious, unique eats. He’ll be on the road in search of hometown hot spots with the spiciest, largest and most amazing dishes on their menus.

Webb grew up in Little Silver, NJ. He moved to New York where he works as an actor and comedian. His acting and voice over work have been featured in several national commercials and series including “Boardwalk Empire” and “Inside Amy Schumer.” He is also a proud member of The Collective and The Actors Theater of New York. In 2018, Webb won ‘Best Host – Reality/Food’ in the Cynopsis TV Awards for “Man v. Food.”

Webb currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sally Young
Sally YoungSpiritual Entrepreneur
Sally Marie Young is a spiritual entrepreneur, a teacher, a lifestyle coach, energy master, healer, mystic, mom, and incredible human being and soul. Chef Brian Duffy and Sally have been friends for 10 years and have become very close in the last 5 years as they have both connected to allow for the betterment of not only their own lives for the betterment of others. As connectors, simply put, they bring people together!

Now, she’s back just in time for the holidays. We all know that this time of year things get super crazy! Shopping, family, spouses, responsibility, travel….. we all get a bit over whelmed. Sally and Chef have another chat about spirituality and how it can help us to take a breath, relax, and work through the holidays.

Sometimes the simple fact of stepping back and breathing can help us see situations in a different light and make it easier for all of us!

Jennaphr Frederick
Jennaphr FrederickNews Reporter
Jennaphr Frederick joined FOX 29 in October 1999 as a general assignment reporter for the FOX 29 “News at Ten.” Since September 2003, she’s been getting up early with the “Good Day Philadelphia” morning team as she covers breaking news and feature stories around the area.

Before joining the FOX 29 family, she worked for two years as an investigative reporter for WKBW-TV, the ABC affiliate in Buffalo, NY. A diverse background has helped Jennaphr to develop a proficiency in news gathering. Before working at WKBW-TV, she was part of the morning team for WTVR-TV in Richmond, VA, a CBS affiliate. She speaks Spanish fluently and takes pride in having worked as an anchor and investigative reporter for KGNS-TV in Laredo, TX, a NBC affiliate and bilingual station. It was there that she started her career and frequently reported stories in Spanish.

Jennaphr is a Florida native and a graduate of the State University of New York, Buffalo with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She lives in Montgomery County, PA, with her husband, Steve, and their two children. During her free time she enjoys snowboarding, golfing, and traveling.

Jenn Fred, as we all like to call her, is a friend, a great mom, and an incredible human being! She and Chef Brian Duffy discuss TV, being a parent, past segments that they’ve done, as well as what it is like to be a fixture in a city where everybody knows you!

Carl Ruiz
Carl RuizChef, Restaurateur, and Consultant
Take a chef, load him up with humor, talent, and a pension for saying whatever he wants…, you’re #ruizing! Carl Ruiz is a Chef, a restaurateur, a consultant, a radio guy, a riot, and an all around great dude. That is, as long as you’re on his good side. If not, he will tell you.

I met Carl when I saw that he was heading to Philadelphia. On a whim, I reached out. We met for lunch, laughed for 2 hours, and have been boys ever since.

Today on Duffified Live, Carl and I talk about kitchens, TV, staff, operations, food, his love for Shopping networks, and his odd “relationships” with on air hosts. This episode takes a few turns but there is some great advice, great info, and a bunch of good laughs!

You can find Carl Ruiz on Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” as a Judge and on air with the Opie Radio Podcast. Get ready, New York City because he’s opening up a new Cuban spot there soon.

Rob Lawless
Rob LawlessOrganizer of Rob's 10k Friends
Social Media. It’s a very weird thing. We look at pictures of people’s meals, children, spouses, pets, inspirational and political posts BUT how much do we really know about them? We see someone attractive and we go to “stalk” them. Wow….that term has so many meaning now, doesn’t it?

I have followed Rob Lawless for about a year now. After obtaining his Degree in Finance from Penn State where he was involved in everything that he could be, which is a great thing for a college kid. He decided to quit his job where he worked for a very reputable financial firm and talked on a passion project that he had sitting in his notes for almost two years.

Rob is a very level headed dude. He likes people and he started a project called “Rob’s 10k Friends.” His goal? To meet, sit, and talk with 10,000 people for one hour a piece. This alone blows me away. Imagine the conversations that you could have. Imagine the people that you could meet.

I enjoyed our conversation so much that I have already passed 10 people Robs email!

Georgeann Leaming
Georgeann LeamingExecutive Chef for the Gordon Ramsay Steak in Atlantic City, NJ
A bunch of years ago in Philadelphia, I’m setting up for an and in walks this woman with red hair, a fiery attitude, and she was 100% the boss of the evening! We connected that night and have been great friends ever since.

Chef Georgeann Leaming is the Executive Chef for the Gordon Ramsay Steak in Atlantic City, NJ. A two time contestant on Food Network’s “Chopped” and former Executive Chef for Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, Chef Leaming has owned and operated two very successful properties in the Philadelphia area.

This week, she discusses her career, her time on the Food Network, as well as her roles in Philadelphia and Atlantic City at her new Gordon Ramsay Restaurant.

Becky Robinson
Becky RobinsonComedian/Writer/Actress/Host
I love to laugh and I love comedians! For the last year, I have been following Becky Robinson and one day, I see a pic posted by my brother Mike Duffy from Ugly Brothers Studios, to Instagram about a new show that they were doing that involved Becky. I immediately reached out to get her on the show.

Becky Robinson is a comedian/writer/actress/host/
supermodel/digital media expert. She was born in Portland, Oregon and is the youngest of three (aka “the accident”). Becky spent the majority of her childhood doing gymnastics and impersonating Fat Bastard. In high school, she won the award for most likely to star in a reality TV show. With stars in her eyes and chicken tenders in her hands, Becky relocated to Southern California to study Business and Television/Theatre at San Diego State University. She began doing stand-up at the Comedy Store in La Jolla and was asked to feature her act at TedX Talks SDSU before graduating in 2013. She moved to Los Angeles and has since become the city’s comedy darling.

Becky has been invited to feature her comedy on Laughs on FOX and NuvoTV’s Cabo Comedy Festival Fresh Faces. She was cast as a lead in the Oxygen pilot, “Straight Up with a Twist,” and worked on the Comedy Central pilot, “Not Safe With Nikki Glaser.” Becky has also worked on YouTube strategy for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Currently she is headlining the “American Fuckboi” tour and working on the first season of “Funny Dance show” on E! Based on the hit show developed at The Comedy Store, “The Funny Dance Show” combines comedians and world-class choreography in an hilarious dance battle for charity

Becky & I chat about her growing up in the Pacific Northwest, her career, family, and the current state of comedy with political correctness and her characters that she embraces in her acts. Becky is a HUGE personality with a laugh that is infectious. (I think I even made her laugh a few times>)

Allan Lane
Allan LaneOwner of Hard Knocks Motorcycle Entertainment
Six years ago, I bought a Harley Davidson. The rest is history. The people that I have met simply because of the bike are astounding. Due to the work that I do, I get to meet some pretty dynamic people and Allan Lane is definitely one of those people.

Allan is a Philly guy through and through, growing up in the city, and knowing the streets like the back of his hand. His older brother coerced him to get on the bike for the first time and his Mom immediately made him get off of it.

Now, Allan owns Hard Knocks Motorcycle Entertainment (HKME), which focuses on publishing, talent management, professional event planning/production, marketing, and promotion.

HKME launched the first issue of SportBikes Inc. Magazine in 2010 to provide an authentic voice to the sportbike culture and subcultures, therein. SportBikes Inc. Magazine is unique in that it incorporates all aspects of the motorcycle lifestyle, from local motorcycle clubs and riders to professional road racing teams and riders, including product spotlights, testing, and reviews.

Allan also serves as an event host, emcee, and spokesperson for a number of motorcycle apparel/accessories manufacturers.

This conversation is like two old buddies shooting the shit for an hour, name drops, brand drops, and good old fashioned “war stories” are what this episode is all about.

Chef Tamra Scoggins
Chef Tamra ScogginsDirector of Food Culture for Sizzler USA
How does one get to become the corporate executive chef for a MAJOR chain such as Sizzler? This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy chats with Tamra Scroggins, the Director of Food Culture for Sizzler USA.

Did you know that they hand cut ALL of their steaks? Did you know that Sizzler alone accounts for over 2 million pounds of tri-tip, 2.5 million pounds of chicken wings, and 4 million pounds of Idaho Potatoes?

Brian and Tamra discuss those facts, dispelling the stigma around chain restaurants, as well as the rise from independent operator to the current title and what is entailed in all of that.

Tamra is a great lady who has found a great space inside of something that not many of us know!

Chad Minton
Chad MintonCEO and Owner of True Cooks
How does a chef go from climbing the ladder to become the executive chef for the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles to owning a culinary brand? Maybe the question isn’t how. Maybe, the question is why.

This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy chats with Chef Chad Minton, CEO and owner of True Cooks, a culinary lifestyle brand that is taking the world by storm. With 250,000+ followers to this brand, Chad has taken the basics of focusing on the “cook” as opposed to the “chef” and created a worldwide brand.

The guys discuss everything from how and why he built the brand to the current state of the restaurant industry and where it’s going.

They have a great discussion about the heart of the house employees leads to a discussion that both of us agree on!

Rev Ciancio
Rev CiancioSocial Media and Marketing Expert
I truly hope you not only like this this week’s episode of Duffified Live but I hope you use some of the amazing info that Rev offers!!

As a PURE social media and marketing expert, Rev Ciancio has grown three social media accounts to become the three largest followed groups of their kind on Instagram:


Listening to Rev talk about marketing is like watching a chef with MAD Knife skills. His passion for the industry is unmatched, his intensity and opinions are well thought out and educated AND he knows his food, his burgers, his fries, and his steaks.

We open up the books on all of this through with a conversation that was a great balance of knowledge and entertainment! I’m a big fan of Rev and I hope after this, you will become one as well!

Chef Ford Fry
Chef Ford FryOwner & Operator of 15 Restaurants
Standing in a field in Pasco, Washington discussing harvesting potatoes and socializing the current state of employment and work ethic in the food and service industry, Chef Brian Duffy was struck by the words, “I don’t want to know how much my employees make.” It made me stop and ask, “What does that even mean????” Well, it means that Chef Ford Fry was more concerned for the lives and happiness of his staff then he was with, “How much am I paying this guy? Am I getting my moneys worth?”

Ford is a Texas born, Vermont educated good dude who just so happens to own and operate fifteen restaurants after backing away from the kitchen because he felt a connection with the front of house that allowed him to create on a higher level than just the food. It was a connection that made a direct impact to his guests and his employees.

Chef Fry has some great philosophies about the industry and the current state in which we are all witnessing. Hope you guys enjoy this great conversation!

Amber Hargrove
Amber HargroveContestant on A&E’s “Naked And Afraid,”
Chef Brian Duffy is always intrigued by anybody who does something that requires going above and beyond what the normal person will do. An athlete, an explorer, and especially someone who is a survivor….the type of person that can get out of a jungle with a jar of nails and a toothbrush. Someone who puts their bodies and their minds to the most extreme point and how do they come out of that???

This week on Duffified Live, Chef talks with Amber Hargrove, retired US Army Staff Sergeant, mom, wife, contestant on A&E’s “Naked And Afraid,” and all around incredible woman! Make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

This conversation is fun because it’s simply two people who are talking about a will power and a desire to do something that makes you extraordinary. Plus, it’s also a bit nutty as well!

Lindsay Cady
Lindsay CadyDirector of Creative Events and Talent Management for the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut
This week’s guest on Duffified Live is Lindsay Cady and she…….is a BADASS! She’s a mom of two, a wife, a friend, and the Director of Creative Events and Talent Management for the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Chef Brian Duffy met Lindsay through all of the Sun Wine Fest events that he’s been invited to for the last five years. This conversation is all over everywhere with fun information from the habits of celebrities habits and how nice they may or may not be, chef and rockstar wrangling, as well as chats about family and what it takes to make an event happen.

Duffy loved this conversation because Lindsay is a person who has a great outlook and an infectious ability to keep a great conversation going. He hopes you guys like this chat as much as he did!

Chef Xiomara Hall
Chef Xiomara HallPrivate Chef and BBQ Sauce Creator
This week’s guest on Duffified Live, Chef Xiomara Hall, has seen a lot in the last bunch of years. From being a Marine wife to being a Gold star Wife, a Mother of 4, an accountant, and now a celebrated chef, she hasn’t exactly had a lot of time to slow down!

“Z” is now a private chef and a BBQ sauce creator. Chef Brian Duffy and Z talk about everything from the process of creating a product that makes it to market, to her time on Lifetime’s “Supermarket Superstar,” all the way to discussing her role in the Reality Rally!

Whether shes in the kitchen, on air, or on Tinder, this woman is a full on force to be reckoned with.

Trust me, Z is GREAT and you’re going to love her as much as I do.

Jay Banks
Jay BanksOwner & Founder of Native Brand
This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy is joined by a true entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Jay Banks of The Native Brand.

On a random night out in Cincinnati, OH, Chef meets up with this dude who’s rocking frosted tips, stylishly dressed, missing a part of his ear, and sporting an eye patch. Chef thought to himself, “I’m totally gonna hang with that dude!”

Jay Banks is the owner & founder of Native Brand, a clothing brand that has taken off due to the perseverance of its owner. He founded the company in his living room and has taken things to the level now that he owns multiple trademark and patents not only to designs but to the actual word “native”

He’s a great dude and a real “guy’s guy.” Jay has an incredible story and he shares his wild adventure on this week’s Duffified Live!
We talked for a while about my time on Bar Rescue, his time in the military, and the day that led to the amputation of both legs and his left hand.

Over the last few years, I’ve followed Adam’s progress and a few weeks ago, a social media post grabbed my attention and I had to speak to him. This episode is the culmination of that!

Please listen to this episode. Learn about the willpower and determination of this truly wonderful dude! You’ve got to hear the story of how he was the remaining survivor of an IED blast that took the lives of five other warriors, including his best friend, and his pursuit to carry on the spirit of all of them and to honor them.

Adam will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in a few weeks and we will hear all about the struggles and training that Adam will be facing.

Adam Keys
Adam KeysRetired Army Sergeant & Hero
Five years ago, Chef Brian Duffy was at an event for cystic fibrosis when he met an individual who made an impact on him. During the event, I was introduced to a gentleman named Adam Keys. As I approached Adam, I noticed that Adam was in a wheel chair. I was introduced and when I reached out to shake Adam’s hand, I realized he had a bottle in his right hand and there was no left. Adam reached out his arm and I proudly shook it.

We talked for a while about my time on Bar Rescue, his time in the military, and the day that led to the amputation of both legs and his left hand.

Over the last few years, I’ve followed Adam’s progress and a few weeks ago, a social media post grabbed my attention and I had to speak to him. This episode is the culmination of that!

Please listen to this episode. Learn about the willpower and determination of this truly wonderful dude! You’ve got to hear the story of how he was the remaining survivor of an IED blast that took the lives of five other warriors, including his best friend, and his pursuit to carry on the spirit of all of them and to honor them.

Adam will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in a few weeks and we will hear all about the struggles and training that Adam will be facing.

Tami Erin
Tami ErinActress/Model/Sexpert
When was the last time you spoke to a person who has done some really cool stuff? Imagine being 14 years old and cast in a movie that will span the test of time. A movie that, at the time just kinda sounded fun, opened the door to becoming a teen icon. Well, Chef Brian Duffy got to spend an hour talking with actress, model, singer, and fashion designer, Tami Erin. She is best known for her role as Pippi Longstocking in The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. It was released in movie theaters worldwide in 13 languages by Columbia Pictures

Tami is a woman on fire! Her life involves travel, eating an 80% raw diet and a 20% conventional “I eat what I want” diet, and EXPLORING LIFE TO THE ABSOLUTE FULLEST. Now in her 40’s, Tami travels quite a bit, whether it be for an appearance, a private lunch (available on her website), or her new love of the island of Belize. She is ready to embark on the next level of her career.

No longer the 14 year old pig tailed, freckled ginger from 1988, she has deciding to take her career to a new level, an Rated R level, and is moving into a new level of photos and videos. Sparked by the release of a sex tape five years ago, she has decided that she wants to move into more of a Dominatrix and aggressive role and out of the G-rated game.

Chef and Tami discuss her sex positive life and her website business, which offers everything from signed copies of the movie to private dinners and dates. (The “date” thing may be put on hold now due to her newest relationship.)

Chef Duffy thoroughly enjoyed his entire conversation with Tami and knows you guys will as well!

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher!

Chef Kevin Des Chenes
Chef Kevin Des ChenesDuffified Live: Chef Kevin Des Chenes Returns!
This week on Duffified Live, Chef Kevin Des Chenes part deux!

Chef Brian Duffy and Des Chenes discusses his appearances on the new Food Network show “The Great Food Truck Race” and the challenges and fun that they had! They also discuss the wonderful world of travel & cooking, being a dad, a partner, the world of live demonstrations and sponsors, being on TV, and the constant grind of being on the road while trying to run an entrepreneurial life!

Also, Chef Kev and Chef Duffy will be live on stage together in October at The Taste Food Festivals in Philadelphia in October and in Lancaster, PA in November!

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher!

Michael Sullivan
Michael SullivanThe Mojo Group
Michael Sullivan of The Mojo Group is a dude who at the age of 15 worked for the city of Boulder, Colorado for 7 years as a forestry worker. Now, he’s opening up hundred million dollar properties and is one of the most sought after nightclub consultant professionals out there as well as the Nightlife Director for the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas.

From driving shitty cars when your 16 years old to operating Ritz Carltons and high end nightclubs, Michael Sullivan shares his stories, the craziness of Las Vegas, and so much more.

I’ve said it for years. It’s ALL about the experiences. Get out there and see what’s happening. Live it up. You only have one life. You may as well make the best of it.

Chef Linkie Marais
Chef Linkie Marais“The Next Food Network Star” Season 8 Finalist
Chef Linkie Marais is a South African Native turned 20 year United States Fanatic! I met Linkie in an airport in Amsterdam. We were all catching a connecting flight to fly to the Middle East on a tour for The Messlords. Imagine seeing a 5’9″ blonde chef walk into the spa where you’re able to take a nap and get a massage at the same time.

Linkie has traveled the world for food and has seen her share of fun and excitement. Being the chef for a yacht, she gets the best of both worlds when it comes to cooking and traveling but being a contestant on The Food Network’s “Next Food Network Star” in 2012 showed her a world of reality television that has assisted her career in many ways. Her new celebrity has led her to be able to host food events and cook all over the world. With her signature accent and knowledge, she has been able top pair up with Green Egg as one of the grill masters and utilize their products to bring you some of her flair!

From a trip top the Middle East to a trek through Alaska, this episode touches on all sorts of fun. If you don’t know Linkie… will now!

Duffified Live: Where In The World Is Chef Brian Duffy
Duffified Live: Where In The World Is Chef Brian Duffy
This week on Duffified Live, in the spirit of Carmen Sandiego, we are playing a rousing game of “Where In The World Is Chef Brian Duffy!” It’s been a long few weeks with a ton of adventures and even more good times. Chef has been at the beach in North Carolina, opened a restaurant, rode 1,463 miles in the Pacific Northwest on a motorcycle, cooked dinner on an Indian reservation, been in 8 states, and STILL had a few mins to record a quickie!

It’s an informative one already! Get ready to get the full scope of Duffified and NEVER SAY NO!

Russ Zito
Russ ZitoJohnson & Wales University
After a few weeks of some R&R and sun poisoning, Chef Brian Duffy chats about his recent travels and even a few past guests after a crazy few months on the road.

He’s heading to Spokane, WA to ride Harley’s for the Crave Northwest Food Festival but first, he chats with Chef Russ Zito, a 21 yr culinary instructor with the acclaimed Johnson & Wales University. Chef Zito discusses the program, how he got involved, and even some war stories of his days in the kitchen, a salesman, and a math expert for his dads company!

This week, two chefs discuss the past, present, and future of culinary education. Where are we going? Only time will tell…….

This little girl had such a look of happiness on her face as she looked at this young woman because they both had a similar appearance… 1 hand.

Chef Brian Duffy immediately contacted Nicole Kelly and never imagined how much he would love talking to someone! A conversation about everything from school in Iowa and growing up in a town of 10k people to college and having to navigate the world with only one hand!

Nicole Kelly stepped into the roll of public figure after winning the 2013 title of Miss Iowa and going on to compete at the 2014 Miss America Pageant. She gained attention for being one of only a few competitors to have ever competed with a physical disability. After working for a year as Miss Iowa and traveling across the country to advocate for those living with a disability, she signed with a professional speaking agent and started her own business: Nicole G. Kelly, LLC. Nicole has proudly spoken at hundreds of K-12 schools schools, given educational lectures at universities across the country, and served as the emcee at the Kennedy Center’s celebration for the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It is Nicole’s mission to educate as many people as possible about those living with a physical difference. Nicole is a proud ambassador for CoApt, an advanced control solution designed to enhance the functionality of a powered myoelectric prosthesis for those with upper limb loss or limb difference. This summer Nicole completed her masters degree in broadcast journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Nicole Kelly
Nicole KellyMiss Iowa 2013
This week’s show was something that Chef Brian Duffy has been wanting to do for a while!! One day chef was flipping through Instagram & saw a video of a beautiful young woman interacting with a young girl who was about 3 or 4.

This little girl had such a look of happiness on her face as she looked at this young woman because they both had a similar appearance… 1 hand.

Chef Brian Duffy immediately contacted Nicole Kelly and never imagined how much he would love talking to someone! A conversation about everything from school in Iowa and growing up in a town of 10k people to college and having to navigate the world with only one hand!

Nicole Kelly stepped into the roll of public figure after winning the 2013 title of Miss Iowa and going on to compete at the 2014 Miss America Pageant. She gained attention for being one of only a few competitors to have ever competed with a physical disability. After working for a year as Miss Iowa and traveling across the country to advocate for those living with a disability, she signed with a professional speaking agent and started her own business: Nicole G. Kelly, LLC. Nicole has proudly spoken at hundreds of K-12 schools schools, given educational lectures at universities across the country, and served as the emcee at the Kennedy Center’s celebration for the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It is Nicole’s mission to educate as many people as possible about those living with a physical difference. Nicole is a proud ambassador for CoApt, an advanced control solution designed to enhance the functionality of a powered myoelectric prosthesis for those with upper limb loss or limb difference. This summer Nicole completed her masters degree in broadcast journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Chris “Big Daddy” Braccili
Chris “Big Daddy” BracciliThe Rusty Nail
This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy chats with “Big Daddy” Chris Braccili, owner of “The Rusty Nail” in Ardmore, PA. Chef and Chris have been friends for 20 years and their relationship spans from the days when a young lad named Brian Duffy was nothing more than a young struggling chef with a family at home, a tremendous amount of drive, and a twinkle in his eye.

For the past 21 years, Braccili has run The Rusty Nail on the simple premise of treating people with respect, removing angry people from both his life and his bar, and bands. Lots and lots of bands.

Big Daddy hasn’t only created a culture that is rich in hospitality, he has also created a legendary dive bar where EVERYBODY knows your name. We have a long talk about how to treat people, what you can do as an operator to create an environment and a culture that not only retains employees but makes your guests and entertainers continuously return, and so much more.

Chris is a great guy with a HUGE personality and a great sense of being a quality individual. I’m proud of him for his successes, thankful for the opportunities that he has given to young bands, and even to me when I was looking for extra work. He runs his property and treats people well. It’s a great model for others to follow.

Kimberley Ring
Kimberley RingRing Communications’
This week, it’s another real life person that Chef Brian Duffy became friends with via social media.

Kimberly Ring, a Boston native who Chef “met” about 6 years ago via twitter, started a simple chat about some stuff & Kim’s love of restaurants, hospitality, & UFC! The two started passing information and opportunities to each other, as two “connectors” would. Through the years, their communication has continued and has led to a few fun opportunities for Chef & Kim alike.

Today, Kim has created Ring Communications, an integrated consultancy that offers full service public relations, social media, and marketing solutions to clients in the hospitality, sports, and lifestyle industries. They are a small-but-mighty team of talented and creative individuals who deliver only best of breed strategies to help clients build brands and get noticed. Ring Communications has years of proven expertise in launching brands and growing businesses. Their unique ability to fuse traditional and new marketing techniques introduces brands to their respective audiences, and keeps them relevant, exciting and growing throughout the partnership. They are dedicated to delivering success – over and over again.

Check out this episode of Duffified Live to gain some insight into the world of PR, SOCIAL MEDIA & even a few fun stories of times gone by!

Robert Cassell
Robert CassellNew Liberty Distillery
Chef LOVES info! So, when he wants to know more about the process of distilling, he talks to his buddy Robert Cassell of New Liberty Distillery. This week, the conversation goes from beer into whiskey and even a few stories about riding Harleys, travel, and digs into the science and knowledge of what a “Master Distiller” does.

In 2004, Cassell and his uncle founded Philadelphia Distilling and he’s never stopped innovating. His success enabled him to move on and establish a whiskey distillery called New Liberty Distillery in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia in 2014. He also gone worldwide and become Master Distiller and founder of Connacht Distillery in Ballina, Ireland.

Cassell also has his Degree in Nuclear Medicine.

Sara Gullickson
Sara GullicksonMedical Marijuana Activist
To have a well rounded discussion about a topic, especially one as important as cannabis, you need to get all the angles. So far we’ve spoken to a doctor, a chef, an imbiber & I feel that i need to get another angle, one from a very very wise and ambitious woman, “The First Lady of Cannabis.”

Sara Gullickson is a nationally recognized cannabis expert who has been actively involved in the industry since its inception. A visionary entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness, she established in 2010, a national cannabis consulting firm offering seed to sale services with hands-on support to cannabis entrepreneurs.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is one of the longest standing medical marijuana consulting companies in the industry. As Founder and CEO, Sara has successfully secured multiple licenses for clients in ten state processes, as well as operational and dispensary opening experience from the East Coast to Hawaii. For new dispensary and cultivation licensees, Sara has developed a franchise style model where clients can learn how to operate a fully functional and compliant cannabis facility.

Sara has personally helped multiple states with their programming and has attended numerous political gatherings to raise medical marijuana awareness, both at Lobby Days in Washington, D.C, and at the Phoenix Capitol. At the forefront of one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, Sara has made it a priority to help other entrepreneurs succeed through educational endeavors and networking events.

Sara is a founding member Women Grow, a national organization created to connect and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders, and served as Phoenix chapter chair. During her tenure, the chapter expanded membership from 30 to its maximum of 80 members. Sara hosted monthly networking events that provided essential industry knowledge for those who were new to cannabis, and insight to those who were well versed in the industry.

Sara is also a renowned conference speaker. A featured speaker at the 2017 Women Grow Leadership Summit in Denver, she has also spoken at multiple national industry events, including 2017 Arizona Assessors Conference, 2015 MJ Business Daily event in Chicago, and the 2015 Cannabis World Conference & Business Expo (CWCBExpo) in Los Angeles.

Named an Arizona Trendsetter by Arizona Foothills Magazine in 2016, Sara has also been featured in numerous national media outlets, including: CNN, NBC, Fox News, National Public Television, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, National Geographic, Dr. Oz, Forbes, Business News Daily, Phoenix Business Journal, Marijuana Business Daily, Direct Cannabis Network, Phoenix New Times, Ganjapreneur, the Chicago Sun Times, Crain’s Business and others.

An industry innovator and thought leader, Sara continues to expand her business with the ever-evolving industry. Beyond her work in cannabis, Sara is an avid yogi who has completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. In her spare time, she advocates for new legalization measures and access to alternative wellness solutions.

Danielle Harrington
Danielle HarringtonKickboxer
This chick…. Such a wonderful person! I have followed Danielle Harrington on Instagram for a while now and have watched someone transform themselves into a walking machine. Her drive to get into the ring after so much adversity has propelled her to a super comfortable place in her world. While managing a Tiger Schulman studio with her boyfriend as the owner of the gym, she made a decision to take things to the next level and start training for one of their competitions, literally shedding weight and building a body of which could handle multiple kicks and punches while at the same time retraining the brain to think & train like a fighter.

This is a great episode with a woman to watch. Will she move further along in the ring or was it a milestone that she no longer feels the need to reach for?

Jim Vaglica
Jim VaglicaRetired Boston Police Sargeant
Imagine having all access to a cop of 32 years, SWAT for 16, a reality TV star, and a family man. Well, that’s what you’re gonna get with Jim Vaglica. We discuss what it was like being the inside line during the search and apprehension of one of the most hated kids in America…. we’re talking about 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the younger brother of the “Boston Marathon Bomber” and possible FBI informant Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Chef and Jim talk about all things family, Police, growing up in Boston, and what the life of a cop was like before and after reality TV. Jim is a down to earth guy who has a few opinions on things that have affected us all in the past few years. He also talks about how he was partnered up with the cop who shot one of his buddies prior to him joining the force.

The conversation takes a few turns when Chef is asking questions about life in the line of duty, some of the worst scenarios that he has seen, as well as what it was like to be standing there for three hours while the suspect of the Boston Marathon Bombing was hiding under a tarp on a boat.

The conversation turns to the charity group called the Reality Rally in Temeculeh, CA., where reality stars from all over the country are paired with fans to run a race and ultimately win! Reality Rally is a charity that raises money for the “Michelle House,” a place where women with breast cancer can get the medical attention that they need!

This is a great episode & im unbelievably excited to share this one with you!

Luke Soderling
Luke SoderlingGuest in The Wheel
Luke Soderling. A Master Plumber, a father of four boys, a husband, and a guy who headed to the Amazon for sixty days to survive. Well, that’d be pretty cool if it was 3 people but it was one dude and he wasn’t even a survivalist!

Luke Soderling is a guy from Northern Minnesota and figured he could do it so he signed up for the “The Wheel,” a reality show that dares six participants to survive in six distinctly grueling landscapes across South America. With every turn of the wheel, each survivalist is dropped into a new isolated location, exposed to the world’s deadliest terrains including freezing tundra, rugged mountains and treacherous rain forest. Participants don’t know when or why the wheel will turn nor that their stint at each spot is determined by the rotation of the moon. Equipped only with light survival packs and SOS devices that can be used at any time to quit the challenge and call for help, they must fend for their lives by procuring food, water and shelter. Then, when the wheel turns again, they will be thrust into a new location, forced to use a completely different set of skills to survive.

We have a great chat about family, reality TV, the psychology behind the shows, what happens when your isolated in these challenges for 60 days, the conversation tales turns and winds throughout what it was like to leave his wife of 13 years, the family business, the comforts of home and his four boys.

The conversation turns to the charity group called the Reality Rally in Temeculeh, CA., where reality stars from all over the country are paired with fans to run a race and ultimately win! Reality Rally is a charity that raises money for the “Michelle’s Place,” a place where women with breast cancer can get the medical attention that they need!

Recap Of Las Vegas’ Nightclub & Bar Show From Jamaica, Mon!
Recap Of Las Vegas’ Nightclub & Bar Show From Jamaica, Mon!
Chef Brian Duffy is on the road again and doing a recap of the last few weeks in his world. Between the Nightclub & Bar Show in Vegas with all his peeps and another opened restaurant Chef helped open, CBD is currently “Joe in Jamaica, mon” on a little vacay!

On this week’s show, Chef breaks down everything that went on at this year’s Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, such as the importance of the Food & Beverage Innovation Center, how small bars can increase their revenue through a quality bar food program, and so many tips of the trade it will make your head spin.

It’s been an amazing few weeks that now leads to a few days of “R&R” before regrouping in time for next week’s podcast!

Chef Payton Curry
Chef Payton CurryThe Founder, Chef, and Creator of Flourish Cannabis
Chef Brian Duffy has an impromptu chat about WEED! To further educate himself about something that is such a hot topic, a lifestyle & a political maneuver, CBD takes it upon himself to learn as much as possible on the subject & to do that he must immerse himself in in all the details

Chef Payton Curry, the founder, chef, and creator of Flourish Cannabis, an edible company with ties to California and Arizona, has been diving into the spiritual and culinary side of cannabis. Starting cooking at the age of 14, he’s worked tirelessly to hone his craft and spent years perfecting using cannabis cuisine.

Payton is now in the thick of it, only this time he’s on the forefront of a revolution where entrepreneurs are vying for top spots in the world of cannabis. As a creator and manufacturer of edibles and edible meals, Payton is making huge strides and changing the minds of those who doubted that we would ever see a day where you can walk in, sit down and eat an intelligently & passionately crafted meal that has all the healing and benefits of edible marijuana.

Listen to this episode while you’re pondering your next move and even if you don’t agree with the movement of legalizing marijuana and the entrepreneurial ways in which it will be making a mark on our lives & economy, realize that there are healing powers in the plant.

Chef Plum
Chef PlumDinner Underground Host
Chefs Like to hang out with other chefs. It’s just the way of the world. When we get together, we just start shooting the shit! Lets chat about where we started, where we came from, and where we are now! How did we get here and what drives a chef to make the move from the kitchen to the screen or to a point of consulting?

Based in Connecticut, Chef Plum is all about simple easy farm foods and he believes that food just doesn’t need any gimmicks. He’s done TV, radio, and also has his own podcast called “Plumluvfoods Live.”

Chef Plum and Chef Brian Duffy may as well have known each other for years because the conversation spans about 90 minutes of great war stories, anecdotes about the industry today, and the direction of where its going.

Steve Green
CHEF BRIAN DUFFY LOVES TWITTER…. there I said it… After many years of being on twitter, Chef has made some pretty fun friends, one of them being Steve Green, the driving force behind the #FoodieChats revolution. #FoodieChats is a fun Monday night live feed on Twitter where people can chat and talk about all things food. We discuss the beginning of #FoodieChats, how it came to be, the progression of social media for restaurants and bars, and the conversations that people are having!

Steve is making a movement for the industry and consumers to be able to share and discuss food and the meals that were eating. Guess what, people? The days of the dedicated food critic are going away. The consumer is taking over!!!

Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio
Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio“The Weed Doctor”
After a few nights out with a bunch of Duff’s chef friends in Sacramento, he finds out that there is an online method to getting a medicinal marijuana rec card. From there, a conversation started with Doctor Frank of

After realizing the ties they each have to Philadelphia, a quick conversation ended up being a quality chat about everything under the sun! We find out about “dirty weed”, the truth about rec cards, the differences in states, as well as the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

This episode will give you a buzz and a contact high for the simple fact that these two over the top characters have connected for a reason!

Dave Elger
Dave ElgerMixologist
This week, Chef Brian Duffy has a totally candid and very informational chat with Dave Elger, the Host & creator of “Hot Mixology.” Dave got his start working with brands such as Jim Beam and then moved into the tequila world with the likes of Sammy Hagar and Cabo Wabo Tequila. What do you do when that company sells its brand? YOU MAKE YOUR OWN TEQUILA and that’s exactly what Dave and his brother have done with Muchote Tequila!

The guys discuss the top trends for mixology in 2018, cannabis and the uses recreationally and in the Mixology world, the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, how that show is moving the needle of the hospitality industry, and so much more.

Check out this super fast paced and energetic show! You may actually learn something!

Carla & Christine Pallotta
Carla & Christine PallottaOwners of Boston’s Nebo Cucina & Enoteca
In the restaurant world, there are two types of people…..those that want & those that do. I am lucky enough to meet the third person this that do because they want it! Chef talks with two very dynamic & empowered women this week, Carla & Christine Pallotta, sisters from the north end of Boston who were raised in the typical old school Italian fashion… the family.

Salon owners for over twenty years and then BOOM. Restaurant owners. They opened up Nebo with rave reviews & phenomenal classic Italian food, Mom & Grandmom’s recipes, nonsense of the “industry” per se, but they crushed it! This is what you do after you own a hair salon for over twenty years. You take that sense of hospitality, that sense of creative pride, the ability to take care of your guests, and you exceed the expectations!

Neither of them have been classically trained. They don’t have a “chef.” Most of their employees haven’t worked in the industry and it’s a blessing for the two sisters who are so proud of their heritage and neighborhood that they now own two successful spots.

We talked about family, pride, community responsibility, and the ability to truly take care of your guests.

This was a great interview with two wonderful ladies!

Phil Rosenthal
Phil RosenthalHost of “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix
This week, Chef Brian Duffy is joined by longtime television personality Phil Rosenthal, creator and host of “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix. The show is a classic style of travel, food, and interaction but…… this was different. It’s the type of show that made you feel all comfy and warm inside. It just gives you the feels. Chef sent a tweet, next was a phone call, and now he’s on Duffified Live.

Born in Queens, Rosenthal moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and went on to write for hit shows “Down The Shore” and the award winning show “Coach” before creating a little TV series starring Ray Romano for CBS called “Everybody Loves Raymond” in 1996. “Everybody Loves Raymond” would go on to be nominated for over 70 Emmy Awards, winning 15 including two for Best Comedy Series in 2003 and 2005. He also co-wrote “America: A Tribute To Heroes,” the 9/11 telethon that aired on all for networks in 2001 and authored the book “You’re Lucky You’re Funny: How Life Becomes A Sitcom.”

This conversation leads into finding out about Phil and what makes him tick. The guys talk about his career in Hollywood and this new creative spin on traveling and digging deep into the culture, the people, and the food. Also, Chef finds out Phil’s wife, Monica Horan, is from a Philly suburb and the mutual friends that they share.

This is a great episode that has a very friendly and positive undertone that makes this one of Chefs favorite interviews so far!

Michael Tipps
Michael TippsActor
Welcome back to Michael Tipps! Chef’s first guest and great friend is here to talk about all things Bar Crashers!! The new series about the good stuff in the hospitality industry! We discuss the negative impact that some of these shows have on Restaurant & bars.

We want to highlight what people who are doing it right, do to make it better! To raise the bar & to exceed it, sometime though.. they miss a beat here or there & they give tips & insight into some solutions & actions.

By involving the community this series will show what it is that the actual consumer/Guest is looking for.. they tell us their favorite bars & why… as well as th worst bars & why.

Then.. Tipps shares his hatred for Chef’s favorite team… who just so happen to be the Super Bowl champs!! Go birds!!

Michael Tipps
Michael TippsActor
This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy is joined by friend and business partner Michael Tipps to discuss their new television show, “Bar Crashers.”

Before his conversation with Tipps, Chef tells you about his trip to the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut and he tells you what he made at the Mohegan Wine Festival.

Then it’s on to his conversation with Tipps to discuss their new show, “Bar Crashers.” Chef and Tipps explain why they decided to produce this show, some of the places they have already filmed at, and some of the stories from their time in the bar and restaurant industry.

David Dinenberg
David DinenbergKind Financial Founder And The Business Of Cannabis
A few years ago, Chef Brian Duffy was watching television and he heard about this new company called Kind Financial that provides seed to sale software and regulatory technology that monitors cannabis compliance from seed to sale and through to the bank which was endorsed by Microsoft. The thing is….. he knew the founder of the company, David Dinenberg, from elementary and middle school. His interest was now peaked. Chef followed the company and decided that David would be a great guest for the podcast.

The conversation ensues and goes from the business, the legality, the popularity, and the future to back in the day talk to middle school and raising kids on the East Coast versus the West Coast.

It’s a fun conversation between two old friends that picked right up like they just talked yesterday.

Michael Munoz
Michael MunozThe Kitchen Gaily's of New York City
We always say that Chef Brian Duffy has a sense for adventure. Imagine this….. Chef, Twitter, a gay food blogger, and a party in New York City. Yup, you guessed it. Michael Munoz, aka “The Kitchen Gaily,” invited Chef to a party to launch his blog and he hopped on the train with some friends to met up and party.

This discussion went all over the place. From the 120 square foot apartment Munoz lives in to night clubs, eating, new opportunities, and what it’s like to be a food blogger with a purpose, thanks for checking out this awesome conversation between two friends…..that all started on Twitter.

Kevin Young
Kevin Young Caption of First Place Comic Division
As a Philly guy, the traditions & shenanigans that I have experienced for New Year’s are a part of me that I’ll never ever let go. Philadelphia, known for cheesesteaks and pretzels, also has another great tradition….. PARADES!!! From one of the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades to the oldest and largest folk parade, The Mummers made their first organized strut on January 1, 1901 and since then, the comics, wenches, string bands, and fancies have entertained the historic, inebriated & hungover for years.

This week, I get to speak with Kevin Young, a friend, a teacher, and the captain of this year’s first place Comic Division for the 2018 Sugar House Casino Mummers’ Day Parade. Kevin is a guy with a mission to make things great and to let the world (or at least his neighbors) know that the “2 Street Stompers” are here for good!

As a captain, Kevin is involved in so many aspects of the planning for the Parade. We talk about all of that plus the history and tradition that is the Philly Mummers’ Parade!

Chef Veronica Wheat & Alex Bowen
Chef Veronica Wheat & Alex BowenChef
HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s time for resolutions… wait, strike that, it’s time for goals!! This week, Chef Brian Duffy talks about his New Years goals and even a few tips about achieving. This makes it a perfect time for a quick chat with Chef Veronica Wheat from ChefV Organic Cleanse. It’s a new year so you may as well do a little detox and clean out that body! We’re talking about health, diets & sleeping. The discussion gets pretty real!!!!

Then, imagine walking into a Waffle House at 3am and not seeing any staff. No servers. No cooks. No one. What do you do? SCREW IT! Cook it up yourself! Alex Bowen from South Carolina had this exact thing happen and we get to chat about it. He’s a trip!

Chef Jim Sullivan
Chef Jim SullivanChef
This week, Chef Brian Duffy chats with Chef Jim Sullivan. Jim is a chef and food photographer based out of San Diego. The conversation is fast paced and touches on everything from cocktails, chefs and food, the different areas that the hospitality industry has taken them, and never realizing that this is what they would be doing when they first started. The guys have a long conversation about their odd meeting in Tijuana, the state of that city, the amazing things that are happening in Mexico, as well as the food scene that is creeping up and down both coasts.

Also, Chef Duffy rants about bar and restaurant consulting, how he is NOT trying to take a chef’s job when he gets involved, and how he is NOT trying to steal the chef’s recipes. He then talks about the new TV show, Bar Crashers, that he and friend/Bar Rescue alum Michael Tipps have created as well as the airing at The Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas in March, 2018.

Chef Robert Irvine
Chef Robert IrvineChef
Warren Bobrow
Warren BobrowThe Cocktail Whisperer
It’s a WEEK OF WEED! OK…not really… but Chef Brian Duffy has an in depth conversation with Warren Bobrow, author of “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics.”

This week’s episode dives into everything from smoking to infusing and creating, discussing the politics behind the movement, and how it’s now being incorporated into mainstream society.

Warren, also known as “the Cocktail Whisperer,” is a fascinating guy who started in the finance and banking industry, is a trained Chef, and now his main focus is the creation of classic and creative cocktails all over the world.

Christine Hazel
Christine HazelEntrepreneur, Philanthropist, Actor, and Philadelphia Native
This week, Chef Brian Duffy chats with his friend, Christine Hazel. You might know her from Season 14 of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” where she honed her craft and survived for 11 episodes. This experience raised her confidence and opened her mind creatively and now she’s known for her inventive cuisine that puts modern twists on classic French and American dishes.

Currently, she is a Private Chef and Consultant who focuses on pop-up dining. She’s also a culinary writer for Parle Magazine in New York City and Totally Driven Entertainment.

She is extremely passionate about fresh and innovative cuisine. Chef Hazel is very active in the community and has been doing events for the Kiehl’s Life Ride for AMFAR (AIDS Awareness), Autism Speaks, PA Horticultural Society, Mums for Mutts (Philadelphia Animal Rescues), The United Way, Best of Style Philly, Philadelphia Moguls in Media (Women in Media), Taste of Philadelphia, Taste of Quarter (Tropicana Atlantic City) the Palisades Chef Tour and the Farm to Fork Series in Virginia.

Chef Eddie G
Chef Eddie GChef
This week, Chef Brian Duffy chats with Chef Eddie G, a buddy and fellow traveler! Discussions about food shows, strange situations around the globe and the love of the industry. Between the two of them, they spend more time on stages and planes than they do in one location!
Philly’s own Tony Luke Jr.
Philly’s own Tony Luke Jr.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Actor, and Philadelphia Native
This week, Chef has one of the most important conversations he’s had in a long time and it’s with one of his closest friends, Tony Luke Jr. Tony, the CEO of the legendary Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks, is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, actor, and Philadelphia native. The guys discusses his life, career, the success of Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks brand, his tough upbringing, the loss of his son to an opioid addiction earlier this year, and the mission he’s been given to raise awareness. Be prepared and make sure to communicate #BrownandWhite

This is a very powerful episode of Duffified Live. Hopefully, it opens up the lines of communication with your loved ones.

Monika Madison
Monika MadisonRadio Talk Show Host
This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy talks about his love for Uber, a bad taste about Thanksgiving, having a great trip to Kansas and chats with Monika Madison of 102.5 The Bone in Tampa.
Erika Trenck
Erika TrenckProfessional Poker Player
This week, Chef Brian Duffy opens the show talking about some kitchen and restaurant war stories as only he can. He shares his experiences and gives some great advice to all of those in the service industry.

Then, he is joined by professional poker player Erika Trenck. The Las Vegas resident talks about her insane Twitter experiences, her time at the poker table, Phil Ivey, and her experience during the Las Vegas shooting.

Amy Polinsky
Amy PolinskyOwner
Chef chats about how grateful he is for his friends, family, and relationships and FINALLY gets to chat with Amy Polinsky of Basil Rose Boutique in Connecticut.

She’s a badass mom of three, a wife, an entrepreneur, and just an all around super cool chick!

James Cullen Bressack
James Cullen BressackWriter/Director/Producer
James Cullen Bressack exploded on the horror at the young age of 18 with “My Pure Joy,” his first feature film. He’s been called “Horror’s New Hope” and “a talent to watch for” and has won several awards for “Best Picture” and “Best Director” on the movie festival circuit.

This week, Chef chats with James about his career, how he got his start, the process of being a Hollywood producer, director, film maker, and what’s coming up next for the young acclaimed filmmaker.

Dan & Laura Dotson of A&E’s “Storage Wars”
Dan & Laura Dotson of A&E’s “Storage Wars”Auctioneers
Chef Brian Duffy chats with the stars of “Storage Wars” on A&E, auctioneers Dan & Laura Dotson. They chat about the history of auctions, how they became auctioneers, their own auction website (, and dish on some of the behind the scenes shenanigans of one of A&E‘s biggest reality shows!
Farmer Lee Jones
Farmer Lee JonesFarmer
It’s a phenomenal conversation about clean food, responsible chefs, and the life of a farmer!
NogginwearOfficial Sponsor
The dudes of Nogginwear have spent the last 20 years we have been designing hats of all styles, fabrics and applications for companies all over the world. Use code: chefbriduff to get 10% off any order.
Stretch Rumaner
Stretch RumanerChef, artist, sculpter, and more!
It’s a loud and “tell all” conversation with Stretch Rumaner, a Chef, artist, sculpter, traveler, restaurateur, and all around funny dude! Stretch has a way with a story and a world that is all about art, Jack Daniels, and experiences.
DJ Aktive
DJ AktivePhilly DJ
Chef chats about his week in Byron, IL and his work with his clients at the Aero Ale House. The people and the food there is just out of this world. Chef talks about the struggle and all the pain going on in Houston right now.
E.J. Snyder
E.J. SnyderTV’s “Naked & Afraid”
This week, it’s a chat with E.J. Snyder, a man, a highly decorated soldier from the US Army, and a highly recognizable face known throughout the survivalist community for his time on “Naked & Afraid.”
Chordale Booker
Chordale BookerBoxer
Chef has a very inspirational chat with the champ Chordale Booker. He was a 2015 Golden Glove winner and an all around great dude. A tough start in life led him to a crossroad where he chose the path that not many would take…..the path that wasn’t easy but he owed it to his family, himself, and especially his mother to make her proud.
Leenda Lucia
Leenda LuciaModel
Chef Brian Duffy has an AWESOME chat with model & spokesperson Leenda Lucia about the world she lives in, dating, traveling, being a personality, and all that comes with it.
G. Love
G. LoveG. Love & Special Sauce
Chef chats with Philly native rocker and hip hop legend, G. Love! It’s a great conversation about the beginning, the roots of his music, travel, and creativity processes. G. Love is a quality dude with a great sound and a great vibe!
James Breakwell
James BreakwellTwitter Comedian and Dad
Chef Brian Duffy talks with Twitter Comedian and Dad James Breakwell about his near million followers and his new book “Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.” They chat about being a dad, being a dad of girls, being in the public eye, and how he has moved into that roll!
JB Frank
JB FrankKingdom Come bass player
This week, Chef chats with legendary bass player JB Frank from the band, Kingdom Come! It’s a very candid conversation about travel, spirituality, conspiracy, and drug use!
Terry French
Terry FrenchExtreme Chef
Chef Duffy has a long chat with extreme chef Terry french, an old school classic guy! Chef French loves his roots from start to finish, including Chinese apprenticeships and the military. Chef Terry French is a badass in the kitchen and he’ll will tell you all about it!
Brian Duffy
Brian Duffy
This week, Chef chats about a great week in The Outer Banks with his family and does a “current events” episode of sorts. He touches on everything from chef’s sanitation to the recent Chipotle tweet with Josh Williams, who wants everything in separate containers.
Roberta Pepito
Roberta PepitoHomemade Delish
Chef is joined by Roberta Pepito, founder of the “Homemade Delish” brand. She is a chef, a wife, a mom, an author, and a TV personality! She is often called “Philadelphia’s Rachael Ray.” Chef talks about the rise of her Homemade Delish brand and how it has impacted her life!
Megan Jean Morris
Megan Jean MorrisInk Masters
This week, Chef talks millennial and hipster employees as well as stifling personalities. Then, the fun begins. Chef gets down and inky with his special guest, Ms. Megan Jean Morris.
Josh Denny
Josh Denny“Ginormous Food” Host
This week, B-Duff talks about the importance of being present in your business. He recently had a jackass GM who went to jail and then hired a GM with the inability to execute! Adios Muchacho!!!!
Chef Akhtar Nawab
Chef Akhtar NawabChef
Chef gets a little heated about the article out of the Washington Post about the white chefs taking over international cuisines. OK….maybe a “little heated” don’t give it enough justice.
Loud & Proud
Loud & ProudKathy Suzewits, Monica, & Ian Beckles
What happens when you put Chef Brian Duffy and two friends in the backyard of a former NFL offensive lineman who also happens to be a radio personality?

Insanity. That’s what happens. Pure…..unadulterated…..insanity.

Chef Keith Breedlove
Chef Keith BreedloveCulinerdy Cruzer
Keith has done a little bit of everything. He’s been featured on TV’s “Bar Rescue,” “Cutthroat Kitchen,” “Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown,” and “Guy’s Big Backyard Bite,” as well as being the Corporate Executive Chef for Tex Wasabi’s and Johnny Garlic’s, which are both owned by Guy Fieri. He’s also been the Executive Chef for the Hilton Hotel chain.
Brice Cooper
Brice CooperHGTV’s “Design On A Dime”
Chef Duffy also chats for a “brief” 90 minute conversation with Brice Cooper, host of HGTV’s “Design On A Dime.” He’s a world traveled branding expert, interior designer, chicken owning, Harley riding, mechanically sound, GREAT dude.
Jesse Kage
Jesse KageRadio Personality
Keith, drafted 30th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans, was a middle linebacker for the team for ten years and finished his career with the New York Giants. After spending his first two seasons as a backup and special teamer, he became a starter in 2002, made a Pro Bowl in 2003, led the NFL in tackles with 152 in 2004, and led the Titans in tackles five times.
Jesse Kage
Jesse KageRadio Personality
If you don’t know who Jesse is, you’re in for a treat because this guy’s attitude is infectious. He and Chef Duffy talk strip clubs, the peaks and valleys of the radio business, the service and hospitality industry, rock music, and so much more.
Melissa Pfeister
Melissa PfeisterNaked Feast
This week, Chef Duffy chats with Melissa Pfeister, the Gluten free goddess! Melissa owns Naked Feast and has products in Whole Foods as well as other all natural stores.
Chef Kayla Robison
Chef Kayla RobisonNation Kitchen & Bar
Chef Brian Duffy had the pleasure of working side by side with Chef Kayla Robison of Nation Kitchen & Bar in Cincinnati, OH during The Nightclub & Bar Show at the Food & Beverage Innovation Center, the first of its kind for this event.
Chef Pete Blohme
Chef Pete Blohme(aka “Panini Pete)
Chef also interviews his longtime friend & fellow Chef Pete Blohme, aka “Panini Pete.” He’s owned Panini Pete’s Cafe & Coffeehouse in Fairhope, AL for over 11 years and has been repeatedly featured on The Food Network.
Kyle Marcoux
Kyle Marcoux“The Vulgar Chef”
Chef has been traveling all week between 70 degree Tampa to open the new Features Gastropub, 19 degree Philly for the weekend, and Ft. Myers for his annual St. Patrick’s Day appearance at The City Tavern.
Chef Kevin Des Chenes
Chef Kevin Des ChenesTop Celebrity Chef Showdown
Chef is chatting with Chef Kevin Des Chenes from Boston. If you don’t know who he is, he was the 2015 winner of “Top Celebrity Chef Showdown” and been featured with Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay.
Sally Marie Young
Sally Marie
Chef Brian Duffy is doing something a little bit different this week as he gets a little spiritual with his Spiritual Advisor and Soul Stylist, Sally Marie Young of!
Chef Nick Liberato
Chef Nick LiberatoBar Rescue
Chef Brian Duffy talks about his short yet crazy stay in Orlando, FL last week and he shares a conversation he had between his friend Rhonda, who is a huge “Batman” fan, and their Uber driver, who coincidentally was named Bruce Wayne.
Chef Chad Rosenthal
Chef Chad RosenthalThe Food Network
Chef Brian Duffy talks about his travels over the last few weeks to both Tampa and Grand Rapids, his new tattoo that he got while in Florida, and then he digs into his Philly roots by chatting with Chef Chad Rosenthal.
Michael Tipps
Michael TippsMixologist
In his debut episode of “Duffified Live,” Chef Brian Duffy, known for his appearances on “Bar Rescue” and NBC’s “The Today Show,” welcomes you into his crazy, insane world of food, shenanigans, and debauchery!

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