Chef Tamra Scroggins

Director of Food Culture for Sizzler USA

How does one get to become the corporate executive chef for a MAJOR chain such as Sizzler? This week on Duffified Live, Chef Brian Duffy chats with Tamra Scroggins, the Director of Food Culture for Sizzler USA.

Did you know that they hand cut ALL of their steaks? Did you know that Sizzler alone accounts for over 2 million pounds of tri-tip, 2.5 million pounds of chicken wings, and 4 million pounds of Idaho Potatoes?

Brian and Tamra discuss those facts, dispelling the stigma around chain restaurants, as well as the rise from independent operator to the current title and what is entailed in all of that.

Tamra is a great lady who has found a great space inside of something that not many of us know!