Sally Young

Spiritual Entrepreneur

Sally Marie Young is a spiritual entrepreneur, a teacher, a lifestyle coach, energy master, healer, mystic, mom, and incredible human being and soul. Chef Brian Duffy and Sally have been friends for 10 years and have become very close in the last 5 years as they have both connected to allow for the betterment of not only their own lives for the betterment of others. As connectors, simply put, they bring people together!

Now, she’s back just in time for the holidays. We all know that this time of year things get super crazy! Shopping, family, spouses, responsibility, travel….. we all get a bit over whelmed. Sally and Chef have another chat about spirituality and how it can help us to take a breath, relax, and work through the holidays.

Sometimes the simple fact of stepping back and breathing can help us see situations in a different light and make it easier for all of us!