Chef Payton Curry

The Founder, Chef, and Creator of Flourish Cannabis

Chef Brian Duffy has an impromptu chat about WEED! To further educate himself about something that is such a hot topic, a lifestyle & a political maneuver, CBD takes it upon himself to learn as much as possible on the subject & to do that he must immerse himself in in all the details

Chef Payton Curry, the founder, chef, and creator of Flourish Cannabis, an edible company with ties to California and Arizona, has been diving into the spiritual and culinary side of cannabis. Starting cooking at the age of 14, he’s worked tirelessly to hone his craft and spent years perfecting using cannabis cuisine.

Payton is now in the thick of it, only this time he’s on the forefront of a revolution where entrepreneurs are vying for top spots in the world of cannabis. As a creator and manufacturer of edibles and edible meals, Payton is making huge strides and changing the minds of those who doubted that we would ever see a day where you can walk in, sit down and eat an intelligently & passionately crafted meal that has all the healing and benefits of edible marijuana.

Listen to this episode while you’re pondering your next move and even if you don’t agree with the movement of legalizing marijuana and the entrepreneurial ways in which it will be making a mark on our lives & economy, realize that there are healing powers in the plant.

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