Kimberley Ring

Ring Communications

This week, it’s another real life person that Chef Brian Duffybecame friends with via social media.

Kimberly Ring, a Boston native who Chef “met” about 6 years ago via twitter, started a simple chat about some stuff & Kim’s love of restaurants, hospitality, & UFC! The two started passing information and opportunities to each other, as two “connectors” would. Through the years, their communication has continued and has led to a few fun opportunities for Chef & Kim alike.

Today, Kim has created Ring Communications, an integrated consultancy that offers full service public relations, social media, and marketing solutions to clients in the hospitality, sports, and lifestyle industries. They are a small-but-mighty team of talented and creative individuals who deliver only best of breed strategies to help clients build brands and get noticed. Ring Communications has years of proven expertise in launching brands and growing businesses. Their unique ability to fuse traditional and new marketing techniques introduces brands to their respective audiences, and keeps them relevant, exciting and growing throughout the partnership. They are dedicated to delivering success – over and over again.

Check out this episode of Duffified Live to gain some insight into the world of PR, SOCIAL MEDIA & even a few fun stories of times gone by!