Luke Soderling

Guest in The Wheel

Luke Soderling. A Master Plumber, a father of four boys, a husband, and a guy who headed to the Amazon for sixty days to survive. Well, that’d be pretty cool if it was 3 people but it was one dude and he wasn’t even a survivalist!

Luke Soderling is a guy from Northern Minnesota and figured he could do it so he signed up for the “The Wheel,” a reality show that dares six participants to survive in six distinctly grueling landscapes across South America. With every turn of the wheel, each survivalist is dropped into a new isolated location, exposed to the world’s deadliest terrains including freezing tundra, rugged mountains and treacherous rain forest. Participants don’t know when or why the wheel will turn nor that their stint at each spot is determined by the rotation of the moon. Equipped only with light survival packs and SOS devices that can be used at any time to quit the challenge and call for help, they must fend for their lives by procuring food, water and shelter. Then, when the wheel turns again, they will be thrust into a new location, forced to use a completely different set of skills to survive.

We have a great chat about family, reality TV, the psychology behind the shows, what happens when your isolated in these challenges for 60 days, the conversation tales turns and winds throughout what it was like to leave his wife of 13 years, the family business, the comforts of home and his four boys.

The conversation turns to the charity group called the Reality Rally in Temeculeh, CA., where reality stars from all over the country are paired with fans to run a race and ultimately win! Reality Rally is a charity that raises money for the “Michelle’s Place,” a place where women with breast cancer can get the medical attention that they need!

Join us on this episode where you will learn all about the world of reality TV and survival shows!