Stretch Rumaner

Stretch Rumaner Chef, artist, sculptor, and more! This week, Chef chats about employees and the desire to educate and empower them through education [...]

DJ Aktive

DJ Aktive Philly DJ This week, Chef chats about his week in Byron, IL and his work with his clients at the Aero [...]

E.J. Snyder’s from TV’s “Naked & Afraid”

E.J. Snyder TV's "Naked & Afraid" Chef talks about the eclipse and the fact that every had one common interest on 8/21/17….. and [...]

Boxer Chordale Booker

Chordale Booker Boxer Chef breaks the big news about his place and what recently happened. It’s a passionate chat about being present and [...]

Model Leenda Lucia

Leenda Lucia Model Chef Brian Duffy has an AWESOME chat with model & spokesperson Leenda Lucia about the world she lives in, dating, [...]

G. Love of G. Love & Special Sauce

G. Love G. Love & Special Sauce Chef chats with Philly native rocker and hip hop legend, G. Love! It’s a great conversation about [...]

Twitter Comedian and Dad James Breakwell

James Breakwell Twitter Comedian and Dad Chef Brian Duffy talks with Twitter Comedian and Dad James Breakwell about his near million followers and his new [...]

Kingdom Come bass player JB Frank

JB Frank Kingdom Come bass player Get ready to ROCK & ROLL!!! This week, Chef chats with legendary bass player JB Frank from [...]

Extreme Chef Terry French

Terry French Extreme Chef This week, Chef talks about his birthday and the amazing experiences from the day. We’re talking zip lining, OG [...]

Flying Solo

Brian Duffy Flying Solo This week, Chef chats about a great week in The Outer Banks with his family and does a “current [...]

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